What Are the Most Common Causes of Masonry Damage?

There are many advantages that good masonry provides to your property and these include durability, strength, efficiency in energy, sound-proofing, resistance to fire. This is why a lot of industrial, commercial, and residential areas are installing masonry. If you also have installed this kind of material, you probably resonate with the benefits it provides.  

There are many local masonry contractors that provide good services and outputs as well as effective repair. So, if you are experiencing masonry problems, you probably need to contact professionals for this. In addition, you also need to be knowledgeable about what cause masonry damage, and this is the information we would like to share with you.  

1.Bond failure – stones and bricks need to be intact to ensure the structure’s strength. However, when there is a lack of adhesion between the two materials, it causes them to fall apart which leads to hollow patches, peeling, bulging, and even flaking top layers.  

2. Displacement – displacement can be caused by inadequate anchors for lateral support, corrosion of steel systems, freezing and thawing methods, and others. It is also characterized by structural imbalances and noticed when there is a shift in the materials used in masonry.  

3.Cracking – this is one of the common problems in the masonry and can occur when there is moisture accumulation in the walls and masonry structure. In addition, it can also be caused by poor preparation of mortar upon installation. Earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters can also cause cracks.  

4.Spalling – spalling refers to the building walls and bricks falling from the masonry structure and can be caused by freezing, thawing, as well as moisture penetration and dampness over time. Stress due to external force can also cause spalling of the masonry structure.  

5. Moisture penetration – this is one of the most common problems of masonry walls and structure and also one of the biggest threats. This is a natural problem because masonry materials are susceptible to elements like water, and therefore it is more like that they get to absorb water that compromises their structural integrity. When this happens, several problems arise which include problems that we mentioned above. As you noticed, all of them can be caused by water penetration. Aside from what we mentioned, your house can also be susceptible to water leakage that leads to several problems too including wiring issues, molds, and staining, which will be discussed next.  

6. Staining – masonry walls are also prone to staining especially because of water and water penetration — again. However, this is not the primary cause of staining. It can also be caused by an aging material of masonry or contact with other elements. Staining can be temporary or permanent. You need to take action before it becomes the latter.  

Now that you know that even the strong materials can also be weakened by external elements and time. If you are experiencing some problems in your masonry, it is important to take action as immediately as you can. Call and hire your trusted contractors in masonry for effective and high stands masonry repair procedures.