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Want More Energy?™ is a refreshing drink powder containing Vitamins A, C, a premium blend of B Vitamins and nutrients that are lost during stress and exercise.

What should you know about ‘Want More Energy?’

‘Want More Energy?’ is natural fuel for the body, helping you sustain your energy without caffeine or stimulants. Available in two delicious flavours — orange and citrus — ‘Want More Energy?’ tastes great and is a healthy alternative to high caffeinated sugary energy drinks, containing natural ingredients and only 147 kJ per dose.

How can you benefit from taking ‘Want More Energy?’

While most energy drinks contain excess amounts of caffeine and sugar that cause you to crash, ‘Want More Energy?’ sustains your energy naturally without caffeine or other stimulants like ma-huang or ephedrine, so you never experience “the jitters” or a “stimulant crash”. It contains Vitamins A, C and a premium blend of B Vitamins to help replenish levels needed for peak physical performance.

If you have a loved one in need of a healthy lift…’Want More Energy’ would make an ideal gift.

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“I’m a runner and train three days a week for half marathons, so ‘Want More Energy?™’ is fantastic in helping with my energy and recovery. Want More Energy? also helps me maintain my energy levels throughout a cleanse day. It’s a great product that I recommend to all my team!”
– Bronwyn Beeltje, Queensland

“I feel like it hydrates me four times better than water alone. Especially before, during, and after I go out running. It’s especially great on Cleanse Days in the afternoon. It helps to keep me alert and energised.”
– Ron P.

“As an athlete I put some in my water bottle all day long. My workouts are more energised and I feel hydrated all day.”
– Deborah J.

“I work out and ‘Want More Energy?’ helps me a lot with endurance during my workouts. I can really notice the difference in my spin class. I love it in my water bottle. I also put in my IsaLean™ Shake.”
– Kim O.

“Being a mum of four kids, I needed energy at 4:00 in the afternoon. I used to always use coffee to get through that time of day. Now, I drink a huge water bottle of ‘Want More Energy?'”
– Christine H.

“I am a cyclist training for an endurance ride. I used to compete in cycling and triathlons. I love ‘Want More Energy?’ and I use it in my current training in my water bottle along with 30mLs of Ionix® Supreme. I wish I had it when I used to compete because my energy on my long runs now stays constant without the highs and lows.

‘Want More Energy?’ is the perfect energy drink for athletes. I will not go without it! My daughters also used to drink sugary drinks and now they only drink Want More Energy? They even serve it to their friends.”
– Susan S.