Pulled Back Muscles - Townsville Massage

A pulled back muscle can be really painful, and if you’ve ever been afflicted, you’ll know what I mean. There are a number of symptoms that clue you in on whether you might have strained a muscle in your back. Identifying these symptoms and obtaining the appropriate treatment is important. The longer you let an injury drag on untreated, the more risk you run of letting things get more serious

It’s good to know most muscle and ligament injuries are not all that serious. They might hurt a lot and feel serious, but they are not usually going to put you at risk for prolonged health problems. Some injuries are more significant than others though, so it’s important to recognise symptoms of a pulled back muscle and begin therapy as soon as possible to avoid further continuing problems.

Severe Pain:

Severe pain in one or more of your back muscles is a symptom of a pull. You might feel a sharp pain that drives you mad. Sometimes acute pain only occurs when you are in a certain position, and in more serious cases, it is continuous. This intense stabbing feeling indicates a serious strain in the muscle tissue.

Stiffness or Tightness:

A stiff back is also a sign of a pulled back muscle and tightness in your back demonstrates you might have strained one or more muscles. Limited motion and constricted flexibility is an indication you may have a pulled back muscle. The affected ligament will often resist movement and you could feel a pulling sensation, and demonstrates the muscle is not able to stretch normally.


A spasm is defined as an acute involuntary contracture of muscles resulting in pain and restricting function. A pulled back muscle can cause severe discomfort and spasms are incredibly painful, and should bet treated tas soon as possible to avoid further complications. Newly injured muscles sometimes go into spasm when the muscle contracts in a violent manner. This type of uncontrollable contraction can last for a few seconds, a few minutes or even hours. Back spasms are serious, so get to treatment as soon as possible.


Weakness or abnormal strain are symptoms of a pulled back muscle. You might have difficulty lifting certain objects, bending over, sitting down or walking. This are signs your muscles are not functioning properly, while limited range of motion and your inability to go about your daily life can be really frustrating. If you have a back problem that prevents travel, you may need a Massage therapist who offers a mobile service.


This feeling can be similar to what happens when your hand falls asleep. Blood flow is cut off and when it starts up again, you feel pins-and-needles. The same concept applies to strained back muscles. Injured muscles might not be able to circulate blood efficiently, causing tingling in the affected area.

Dull Burning Pain:

A dull burning pain is often an indication a pulled back muscle. You might feel the sensation that your muscle is on fire. Swelling occurs when a muscle is impaired, and it is common to feel a unusual amount of heat in the area of the injury. Burning pain is not considered as severe as acute pain, but it can be very traumatic over a prolonged period.

Heat in the Muscle:

A pulled back muscle can sometimes feel hot to the touch. The affected area might get hot as the swelling from the injury causes increased blood flow to the area. Major swelling and excessive heat go together. Run your hand over the injured area to see if you detect swelling or excess heat. If you feel this, you’re dealing with a pulled muscle.

If muscle-related problems are the cause of your back pain as is often the case, massage treatments can be very effective and bring about significant relief. Sometimes just talking to a qualified, competent massage therapist who can explain aspects you never even considered about the interaction and effect of a range of muscles and how they influence back pain brings mental relief in itself.

With any massage however, it’s advisable to wear comfortable underwear that’s not too tight, and if you haven’t tried deep tissue massage therapy for your back problems,  make a call today.  Arrange an appointment and experience the many benefits that deep tissue massage has to offer.