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Shoulders and NeckThe neck and the back are the most familiar areas of the body that are prone to stiffness and tension. Continuous build up of stress and tension in the neck and shoulder region lead to stiff necks, aching shoulders and headaches. Stress can be when you have a load of worry on your mind… and where do you carry your load? On your shoulders.

Desk jobs, extended working hours, long distance driving and incorrect sitting position may all contribute to problems in the neck and shoulders.

Painkillers are all to often prescribed for shoulder pain, and risk making your shoulder problem worse by allowing you to go on with the same activities that caused the problem in the first place!

Prescription drugs are not a good therapy for shoulder pain. They only deaden your awareness of the problem and damage can be exacerbated. In other words, they only hide the symptoms and don’t fix the problem.

Neck-shoulderNeck and shoulder massage can relieve the tension and stress around the neck and shoulder area naturally. The importance of the neck and shoulder region lies in the fact that the neck is a flexible structure that connects the brain to the rest of the body. Tension in this important part of the body invariably causes overall discomfiture and slackness.

Furthermore, anxiety and monotonous posture severely reduces the usual mobility of the neck and shoulder. A neck and shoulder massage by a competent therapist can eliminate stress and bring relief to the neck and shoulder muscles.

Benefits include:

  • Massage restores mobility in the neck and shoulder.
  • Relieves stiff neck and/or shoulder muscles and increases flexibility.
  • Improves blood circulation and overall feeling of well being.
  • Neck and shoulder massage relieves pain and stress.
  • Relaxes and soothes the mind and body.

If you haven’t tried deep tissue massage therapy make a call today.  Arrange an appointment and experience the many benefits that deep tissue massage has to offer.