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Massage is an Important Part of your HealthOne session with an experienced and qualified massage therapist is usually enough to convince most people massage really works.

The same people are often surprised to find it offers an effective alternative for treating problem muscles and joints normally considered the domain of modern medicine or other recognised forms of health care.

Over the past five to ten years there has been a huge increase in the number of well trained full time and part time professional massage therapists. As a result there are now many more patients who have experienced the benefits of massage by competent therapists and who are spreading the word.

The growing number of therapists reflects both the international trend back to natural therapies – particularly massage and naturopathy, and the local availability of high quality, professional, government-accredited training courses.

Part of the reason for the upsurge in massage popularity is that more and more, people want healing other than by drugs, surgery and other well accepted treatment techniques, some of which tend to drag on week after week for seemingly little result.

But the main reason demand is growing is that massage works.

Aching muscles and joints and relaxation are the obvious candidates for massage. However, it also can be used to relieve various other problems caused directly or indirectly by postural imbalances, for example breathing difficulties or sluggishness of the immune system.

Massage heals by activating changes in the body – in the various muscles, organs and systems, but it also works on psychological and emotional levels.


By bringing the body back into balance, including left/right and front/back muscles and stimulating the flow of blood, oxygen and lymph fluid to all parts of the body, it helps create an overall feeling of well-being.

This “feel good” result in turn makes people more energetic, more positive and more productive.

The main types of therapeutic massage are:

  • Swedish (relaxation)
  • Deep tissue (remedial)
  • Sports (pre and post-competition), and…
  • Lymphatic Drainage (gentle, for immune system and excess fluid removal)

Where muscle and joint aches and pains are the problem, competent remedial massage therapists look at the “big picture” of a problem. For example, if you complain of a sore back, the masseur would not only work that area, but also try to discover why it is sore.

Muscular or joint problems may be from an obvious injury or strain, or they could be from a combination of tight muscles elsewhere. Back pain, for example, might initially be caused by feet instability or they could even stem from something seemingly totally unrelated, like a jaw problem where clicking jaw or grinding teeth are symptoms.

I get a real buzz when a person leave in better condition than they were when they arrived. Apart from genuinely caring about their patients and taking the time to look at the big picture, masseurs have a number of other important reasons for wanting to ensure their patients receive the best possible treatment.

If they wish to see their patients return for follow-up or maintenance sessions or be recommended to others, masseurs need to demonstrate they are qualified and competent… provide effective treatments and relief… and offer top value for money.

Most massages last for at least an hour. This is not only exceptional value for the fee charged, but it gives the therapist time to structurally analyse and demonstrate there can be many contributing factors to the patient’s problems.

Patients who have had muscular aches and pains or range of movement limitations they put up with for years can be fixed in just one session.

Often overlooked.

Although massage is one of the oldest forms of healing, with documented records dating back thousands of years, for decades it has been a misunderstood and neglected part of natural therapies. A few years back, it was reported in America that 80% of Doctors would have massage themselves but wouldn’t recommend them to their patients.

Now, genuine therapeutic massage has re-emerged as an integral part of overall health care. The more progressive medical practitioners realise that, for example, constipation can be cured with massage… and back pain is better treated with massage instead of anti-inflammatories. It has also become a vital element in preparation for elite sportspeople.

If you haven’t tried deep tissue, massage therapy make a call today. Arrange an appointment and experience the many benefits that deep tissue massage has to offer. With any massage however, it’s advisable to wear comfortable underwear that’s not too tight.