Testimonials - Townsville Massage

As the former owner of Townsville Massage, I thought it would be a good idea to experience the skills of the Tania who had bought the business some months before, as I often think of the clients who formerly supported me, a great many of whom were military service personel.

She gave me the best massage I have had in years, and that night, I enjoyed the best nights sleep in ages.

In short… Tania knows her stuff… and then some.

I have no doubt she is giving my former clients and hers the best massage available in Townsville, and have no hesitation in recommending her and urge former and new service men and women to call her.

Neil Case, Self Appointed Critic at Large and Grey Nomad.


I had never had massage therapy before, and when I become a regular gym user lifting weights a lot, I found I was getting quite sore a lot and that natural rest and relaxation, even protein and muscle pain relief gels (like Voltaren) were not helping.  A close friend suggested I just HAD to get massage therapy, and recommended Neil at Townsville Massage, so he booked me a session before I could even protest.

I was a  little nervous as I was told it can be a little uncomfortable getting all your muscles worked on, but I must say that after my first session, I have never felt more comfortable in my body in my life.  It was as if I hadn’t trained, did too many crunches or lifted weights in 6 months.  I’m a regular now, and am following his advice to take magnesium tablets and epson salt baths.  I’ve found I am able to keep my body from getting to that all too familiar state of being very sore and painful, so I can concentrate on what’s important, keeping fit and feeling good about it.

I’m sold on Townsville Massage!

Aaron P.  Townsville.

My back was causing be considerable pain and my knee was making walking an effort as well. After a full body massage, I found that the sorness in my back muscles had almost disappeared and the arthritis pain in my right knee had been relieved considerably.

I believe massage helped me to keep walking pain free and the trigger point therapy he used on my back reduced my pain significantly. Massage worked for me and I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

Alison M.  Brisbane (Visiting Townsville)

I have used therapeutic massage for several years to assist with recovery from a physically demanding job.

I was in Townsville recently for work and was lucky to meet Neil Case. His massage technique was by far the most thorough and effective I have ever had and left me feeling stronger and more flexible than I had in years.

He did an incredible job and I was so impressed I made another booking before I left and one for my wife at the same time.

My only disappointment was finding him so late in my stay that I could only squeeze in three massages before my work was completed. I cannot praise Neil’s work highly enough and would recommend his services to anyone.

Lloyd Finnemore .. Sydney, NSW.

I have had a debilitating back injury for 21 years and been to physiotherapists acupuncturists and other massage therapists both in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Through my visits to Neil, my condition has seen an immediate improvement in my neck, arms and back. My recovery has been something that other therapists have not been able to achieve, and I have reached the stage where my appointments are few and far between.

I have no hesitation in recommending Neil and the services he provides.

Wayne Mitchell .. Townsville