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What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage  focuses on athletic performance and boost after-event recovery for professional or amateur athletes alike.  Sports massage therapists have furthered their training and have a greater understanding of the body and it’s workings.

Massage has been used to enhance performance in athletes since the time of the Greeks ruled the stadiums.

The use of massage by athletes has varied over the last 80 years becoming more popular again from the 1970’s onward.

Sports Massage is used to enhance  an athletes performance.  It’s beneficial for anyone who is engaged in physical fitness activities.  Many people train just as hard as athletes even if they do not enter competitions.

Massage has many benefits for the occasional athlete too, such as improving recovery from minor injuries, caring for wear and tear that is sustained when doing any strenuous physical activity.  Sports massage also can prevent injuries by increasing flexibility and elasticity to the muscles and joints.

The benefits are:

  • Recovery from strenuous physical activity both physical and mental.
  • Rehabilitation – Improves blood circulation and accelerates healing when recovering from injury.
  • Event – Helps prepare a person for contest and recover from the event faster.
  • Maintenance – Enhances recovery from vigorous exercise.

Sports Massage is similar to Remedial Massage in that is employs many of the same techniques. Deep tissue work involves work on known trigger points as well as cupping and hacking on tight areas.  A therapist with sensitive fingers will locate these spots and address them.