IsaPro - Townsville Massage

Regardless of your health goals, you’ll get the results possible with IsaPro.

About IsaPro?

IsaPro™ whey protein is a high-quality product for those serious about improving lean muscle mass and/or trying to get past stubborn weight plateaus.. Our whey contains an ideal amino acid profile and comes from dairy cows that are pasture-fed on small New Zealand farms, milked according to season and not treated with hormones or antibiotics.

How can you benefit from using IsaPro?

More studies are revealing how important protein is for satiety, as well as muscle growth and maintenance. It was found that individuals who add leucine-rich protein, like whey protein, to their diet have more lean muscle tissue and lose more body fat.

The high-quality whey protein in IsaPro™ helps weight management by managing hunger and keeping you satisfied longer. It also helps support muscle maintenance.

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