Foot Massage - Townsville Massage

For most of us we live in a world where all we do is stand, run, walk and lift…  our feet support us the whole time.  They’re stuffed and stifled in shoes and socks all day…  they have next to no circulation and no air contact.

They provide support when we are standing, which can be a big ask if one is overweight or has been standing still for extended periods.  Walking or running, the first to feel the impact of the contact between the ground and our bodies… are our feet.

Ladies are prone to stressing out their feet more because of the fashionable but questionable desire to wear high heels.

Your feet are the most used, abused, re-used and most neglected parts of our bodies.

Although the machines that massage feet are becoming popular, there is no replacement for the real deal, and what the genuine human touch of a persons hands can achieve.

We keep our feet confined in shoes and socks or stockings for most of the day.  No wonder our feet hurt so much at the end of the day, but a good foot massage can be an exhilarating experience.

Practitioners of alternative medicine say that the nerve endings on the foot correspond to a specific organ of the body, and so massaging certain areas of the foot is like massaging that particular organ to which it is linked.

Be kind to someone close to you and give them the gift of a foot massage.

And men…  Pay attention and you’ll reap rewards!

If you send your wife for a foot massage…  you get her to pay attention to how it’s done and she can do it for  you.

It’s just a thought… but you never know.

Best of luck!