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A delicious way to boost fibre every day.

What should you know about FibreSnacks!?

If you’re tired of chalky fibre drinks and the pasty-tasting fibre bars, FibreSnacks! contain 20% of your recommended daily intake of fibre in one delicious FibreSnacks! Bar.

This tasty Peanut Chocolate Chew flavoured bar contains 6 grams of a premium mixture of prebiotic soluble and insoluble fibre which helps keep you satisfied for hours!

#1 Punch – Prebiotic Soluble Fibre
Prebiotic soluble fibre helps feed the good bacteria already in the digestive tract to promote digestive system pH balance and encourage a healthy immune system.

#2 Punch – Insoluble Fibre
Insoluble fibre plays an important role in supporting regularity by adding bulk to the diet. It also helps you feel fuller quicker so that you eat fewer calories.

How can you benefit from eating FibreSnacks!?

At only 628kJ, these healthy, gluten-free treats allow you to snack smart without skimping on taste. In addition to the premium fibre blend, FibreSnacks! also contains high-quality whey and milk protein from sustainable New Zealand dairy farms where the cows are free-grazing and not treated with artificial hormones or antibiotics.

Protein helps muscle growth and maintenance while also providing essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for the body’s cellular proteins and enzymes.

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