Essentials for Men and Women. - Townsville Massage

Essentials for Men™ and Essentials for Women™ are specially formulated supplements that help to meet the everyday needs of men and women.

What should you know about Essentials?

Essentials are individually formulated to suit the specific needs of men and women. Essentials for Men contain B vitamins for increased energy and ingredients such as zinc and selenium to help support prostate health.

Essentials for Women contain a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs specifically designed to support women’s health. This includes extra forms of Calcium and B vitamins for strong bones and healthy hair, skin and nails.

How can you benefit from Essentials?

Essentials include vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds targeted at bolstering the body’s natural protections against poor health, while slowing the progression of age-related decline due to the passing of time, genetics and environmental factors.

This new formulation features fast disintegration and absorption technologies, which allows your body to receive optimal levels of nutrients.

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