Do you suffer from unbearable pain of arthritis, muscular pain or headaches?

Emmett Technique is a unique body therapy technique created by Ross Emmett.

It is so effective and acceptable that medical practitioners and lay therapists alike are requesting to learn it. Treatments can be done fully clothed and incorporate a gentle, physical release of muscle groups while using a verbal approach to create attitude change.

The technique has wide appeal: not only is it being enthusiastically picked up by Bowen therapists, massage therapists and medical staff, but we are seeing an increasing number of exercise professionals such as Pilates Instructors and Personal Trainers eager to learn and use this remarkable technique.

It is a technique which can be used in a truly complementary way with any other body work or exercise system offering a valuable addition to anyone working to ease pain and discomfort or restore musculoskeletal function to others.

That’s how Ross encourages all of us to use his work, though it is a powerful standalone technique in its own right.