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Massage and the ShouldersBack pain is one of the most common complaints treated by remedial massage therapists, and other health professionals.
The causes of back pain are many and varied, so treatments vary widely from massage to surgery.

Back pain could be caused simply by muscle imbalances or by more complex issues related to disc and vertebral, spinal cord, facet joint, ligament, vascular, dural, inflammation and spinal canal problems.

There are many aspects of back pain I know little about but I do know there are many people suffering occasional or ongoing back pain who would find a remedial massage is all they need to greatly relieve their problem.

If muscle-related problems are the cause, which is often the case, massage treatments are relatively simple but very effective.

Many people put up with ongoing back pain rather than seeking help because they assume surgery or constant use of pain killing drugs are the only ways to find relief, and they don’t want to be cut open or become addicted to drugs.

Surgery may be necessary as a last resort, but it is certainly worth trying one or a few non-invasive, drug free remedial massages first to see if they offer a solution.

Sometimes just talking to a qualified, competent therapist who can explain aspects you never even considered about the interaction and effect of a range of muscles and how they influence back pain brings mental relief in itself.

Even where the original cause of the pain can be traced to, say, disc problems from wear and tear or an accident or injury, muscular imbalances on the left/right and/or front/back of the body can significantly aggravate the situation and cause even more pain.

A remedial massage can usually bring significant relief.

If muscles on one side of the spine are tighter than the other, or tight muscles cause the hip to tilt forward, backward up upwards, they can put undue pressure on inter-vertebral discs and cause even more pain.

A competent masseur would seek to not only balance up the muscles as much as possible but also work on factors making the muscles uneven in the first place.

Tight hip flexor muscles across the front of the hips or weak abdominal muscles often are a significant contributor to lower back pain. Muscle tightness in the chest often leads to pain in the neck, shoulders and mid back.

If you have suffered regular back pain and haven’t done anything about it, or tried other methods without success, give remedial massage a shot. It might not be what you need or a total solution to the problem, but it could be.

A couple of years ago I had a patient (a taxi driver) who had put up with pain for years trying other types of treatments all of which failed. On his first visit he was wearing a brace when he arrived. He left with it tucked under his arm. A couple of sessions over a couple of weeks was all he needed.

The answer to your back problems could be closer than you think.

If you haven’t tried deep tissue massage therapy make a call today.  Arrange an appointment and experience the many benefits that deep tissue massage has to offer.  With any massage however, it’s advisable to wear comfortable underwear that’s not too tight.