Back Muscles - Keeping You Upright - Townsville Massage

Soft tissues around the spine play an important role in the health of the back.  A large, complex group of muscles work together to support the trunk and hold the body erect. They also allow the trunk to move, bending and twisting in all directions.

Three types of back muscles that help spinal function are the:

  • Extensor muscles.

These are attached to the back of the spine. These muscles permit us to stand and to lift objects. These include the large muscles in the lower back (erector spinae), which help hold up the spine, and gluteal muscles. (Glutes)

  • Oblique muscles.

These are attached to the sides of the spine. They help us rotate the spine and maintain proper posture.

  • Flexor muscles.

Attached to the front of the spine, these muscles include the abdominal muscles. They allow us to flex, bend forward, lift and arch the lower back. When the abdominal muscles are weak, the muscles that allow us to bend at the hip get tighter, increasing the curve at the lower back.

Causes of Back Pain:

The facet joints or other bony parts of the spine become injured or inflamed, which can cause those bigger muscles of the back to contract involuntarily. That’s called a spasm… an acute involuntary contraction of muscles resulting in pain, and restricting function.

Persistent stress can causes the muscles to tighten up, consuming energy that is required to hold the spine erect.

Tight muscles in the back of the thighs can cause changes in the position of the pelvis, affecting movements of the spine.

You will remember at school you learned that for every action there is a reaction. It’s the same with muscles.

Each muscle in your body has an opposing muscle.  A competent massage therapist keeps this in mind when restoring balance to the muscle groups of the back.

If you are experiencing back pain, make the call and arrange an appointment.  You’ll be surprised how beneficial Remedial Massage can be.  With any massage however, it’s advisable to wear comfortable underwear that’s not too tight.